Insignia Android 6.x Guide

Essential Settings

These settings must be properly configured to keep Spyic working.

Battery Setting

  1. Settings > Battery > Battery saver > Battery saverTurn on power save mode automatically and Disable location services (1,2,3,4,5)
    Set to “OFF
  2. Settings > Battery > Battery optimization > All apps > System Service > Not Optimize(1,2,3)
    Set to “ON

Background App Setting

No special configuration found.
You may Ignore this step.

Other Settings

No need to change these settings by default. But they will affect Spyic functions if changed by user.

Data Usage

  1. Settings > Data usage > Data saver
    Set to “OFF
  2. Setting > Data usage > Network restrictions > Wi-Fi data usage > System Service > Background data and Unrestricted data access
    Set to “ON

App Setting

  • Settings > Apps > System Service > App info – Permissions > App permissions (1,2)
    Set to “ON